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Mark Lampe

Mark Lampe


Mark passed away quietly in his sleep on Tuesday morning, October 15, 2013 in Bethesda Hospital in Boynton Beach, FL after years of struggling with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.  Judy Summers and I chatted with his former wife, Lauretta Ybarra, who share some of the details of his passing with us.  Marks' wishes were to be cremated and his ashes and personal possessions given to his daughter Juliana.  Julianna and Lauretta will lay Mark's ashes to rest in Key West, FL.   I was unable to find an online obituary for Mark.   


You may recall that in the fall of 2010, Judy Summers alerted us to Mark's condition and we grouped together as a class to raise some money to buy Mark a guitar.  A small group of us, including Sr. John Norton, visited Mark at his assisted living facility in Boynton Beach in December 2010 and delivered the guitar to him as a Christmas present.  He was overjoyed.  Judy Summers has posted the video of this event here.  


Lauretta said that in his final months Mark had been moved to a better assisted living facility in Boynton Beach where the staff took much better care of him and he seemed to be doing well.  Though still bedridden, Mark was alert and recognized his daughter and whisper a few words to her when she visited about a month ago.  


From Lauretta, "We appreciate the loved he received from you, Judy and the high school gang from STA."   "There was such an amazing outpouring of memories and love for Mark, a kind, gentle, talented soul that I will always love.  He and Juliana shared the same birthday, so they always had a very very close bond."  "Juliana got a tattoo about a year ago on her arm of a ribbon, and the inside of her arm has Mark's signature.  The tattoo artist got so close to Mark's signature it was amazing.  Please keep me posted, thank you again for being such a good friend to Mark."


Lauretta sent Judy a beautiful memorial tribute from Mark to his daughter and family, written in the first person.  I've included it here.


May you rest in peace, Mark.


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10/29/13 08:32 PM #1    

Charles Vermorel

Another of our classmates who was also a musician friend of mine has gone up to play on the night shift.  To Ted G., Jeff Y., John T. and others...I know you will take care of our buddy Mark.  Mark liked to hear us play and he came over my house at times to play music.  A very kind guy with a great sense of humor.  Peace Mark. 

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